About Us

To further the expansion of student research opportunities at Nevada as a stated goal in the Joint Vision 2017 document, ASUN recognized that reputable research must be published in a research journal, so that it can be reviewed, analyzed, and tested for validity. Due to the highly competitive process to be published within a research journal, undergraduate students rarely are able to produce the caliber of research required to be in such journals; thus, ASUN wanted to provide a medium for all current undergraduate students in the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) to be eligible to submit to an interdisciplinary undergraduate research journal.

In March of 2011, the ASUN Senate and the Special Senate Committee on Undergraduate Research and Journals passed a legislation to create the Nevada State Undergraduate Research Journal (NSURJ) in hopes that academic research will enrich the education of undergraduate students and prepare them for future academic and professional endeavors, regardless of the field of research.

NSURJ staff is comprised of multiple volunteer associate editors and academic referees from various NSHE institutions who collaborate with two senior co-editors to provide a peer reviewed research based journal which will publish twice annually. The senior co-editors are undergraduate students who are to ensure the highest standards of research accountability are met in published articles.

The mission of NSURJ is dedicated to educating, supporting, and providing a competitive edge for all students in the NSHE system. This is accomplished by providing an accessible, student run, and highly selective peer reviewed research journal specifically for undergraduate students.