Common FAQs

  • Original research completed during undergraduate career
  • Quality figure and table resolution
  • Research is not published anywhere else
  • Research has been completed at an NSHE institution or at Sierra Nevada College
  • Submission must be in your proper citation format to your discipline
  • Written permission from your mentor

Original research is research produced by the researcher(s) who conducted the study.  All work must cite prior research but also must be unique.

  • Go to the Submissions page
  • Click “Submit NSURJ Article”
  • The link will take you to the external site, Submittable
  • Select your discipline of research
  • Create a Submittable account
  • Fill out submission form, which includes:
    • Basic information
    • Cover letter
    • Research submission
    • Signature page (also found on our Submissions page)
    • Mentor permission page (also found on our Submissions page)
  • As an undergraduate student, you will have published research!
  • Your article will be printed in our yearly volume and uploaded to our Journal webpage
  • Your article will be assigned a DOI, a Digital Object Identifier, as proof of your published research.
  • Wait for a confirmation email from the senior co-editors either of acceptance or denial
  • If accepted:
    • One of our Associate Editors will be in contact with you regarding edits to make to your submission.
  • When you have received an email containing edits from an associate editor, you must respond within 6 weeks, in accordance with our Response Policy, otherwise your submission is terminated.
  • Your submission is then sent to a reviewer, either a faculty member or graduate student in your research field.
  • Last edits are made to format into the journal!
  • Journals are printed in May each spring.

NSURJ accepts submissions year-round. We do have a soft deadline of Friday, February 16, 2018 11:59PM if you would like to be printed in the Spring 2018 volume. Any submissions received after will go towards the Spring 2019 volume.