Common FAQs

NSURJ accepts submissions year-round. We do have a soft deadline of Friday, February 14, 2020 11:59PM for Volume 6 if you would like to be printed in the Spring 2020 volume. Any submissions received after will go towards a later volume of the journal.

  • Wait for a confirmation email from the senior co-editors either of acceptance or denial
  • If accepted:
    • One of our Associate Editors will be in contact with you regarding edits to make to your submission.
  • When you have received an email containing edits from an associate editor, you must respond within 6 weeks, in accordance with our Response Policy, otherwise your submission is terminated.
  • Your submission is then sent to a reviewer, either a faculty member or graduate student in your research field.
  • Last edits are made to format into the journal!
  • Journals are printed in May each spring.
  • As an undergraduate student, you will have published research!
  • Your article will be printed in our yearly volume and uploaded to our Journal webpage
  • Your article will be assigned a DOI, a Digital Object Identifier, as proof of your published research.
  • Go to the Submissions page
  • Click “Submit NSURJ Article”
  • The link will take you to the external site, Submittable
  • Select your discipline of research
  • Create a Submittable account
  • Fill out submission form, which includes:
    • Basic information
    • Cover letter
    • Research submission
    • Signature page (also found on our Submissions page)
    • Mentor permission page (also found on our Submissions page)

Original research is research produced by the researcher(s) who conducted the study.  All work must cite prior research but also must be unique.

  • Original research completed during undergraduate career
  • Quality figure and table resolution
  • Research is not published anywhere else
  • Research has been completed at an NSHE institution or at Sierra Nevada College
  • Submission must be in your proper citation format to your discipline
  • Written permission from your mentor

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