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The following positions are volunteer-based and may require training.

Associate Editor


Associate editors are volunteer, graduate or undergraduate students enrolled in an NSHE institution. An associate editor should have a minimum GPA of 3.0 or higher. Associate editors will be selected for their confidence in reading research articles and writing (grammar, spelling, structure, etc.). 


1. Increase the reach of the journal by assisting in advertising, notifying students about the journal, and encouraging students to publish their work.

2. Serve as part of the foundation of the review process. Associate editors are the first to read manuscript submissions and are meant to correct all grammatical and structural errors of the submission before the manuscript reaches the expert reviewer.

The time demand is relatively low. The journal receives anywhere from 10 to 20 manuscripts to be split among several associate editors. Each associate editor will only be reviewing a handful of manuscripts.

We are currently looking for associate editors to represent all NSHE institutions.

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