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The following positions are volunteer-based and may require training.

Associate Editor


Associate editors are volunteer, undergraduate students enrolled in a NSHE university or college.  An associate editor should have a minimum of 45 credits toward their major with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. An associate editor should come at a recommendation from a professor and be confident in reading research articles and writing (grammar, spelling, structure, etc…). Associate editors will be selected for their respective fields, and as such, should be confident in their knowledge of the subject.


The requirements of this position include mandatory training sessions and communicating with senior co-editors, article authors, and referees who review an author’s article.

We are currently looking for associate editors to represent all NSHE institutions.

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Referees shall be NSHE faculty and graduate students specifically selected by editors for their expertise in a specific field relevant to the content of the submission.


The referees shall review and critique the submissions.  Referees will return the critiqued submission along with their suggestions to the editors.

If interested in this position, please complete this Referee Form