Cover Competition

Nevada State Undergraduate Research Journal Cover Design Contest



Create a journal cover design for the Nevada State Undergraduate Research Journal.

Our Organization:

The Nevada State Undergraduate Research Journal (NSURJ) publishes academic research performed by undergraduate students affiliated with Nevada public institutions of higher education in an effort to encapsulate the breadth of research performed by Nevada’s undergraduates. Undertakings with NSURJ include all the advantages of an academic journal – expert peer review and an official DOI – with the added advantage of a faster time frame from submission to acceptance compared to other journals. Previous articles published by NSURJ cover a plethora of topics, from physics and mathematics to philosophy and psychology.

Task Description:

Here’s what we are looking for on a front and a back cover:
  • Encompasses a Nevada theme
  • Is modern and with color
  • Is creative but also professional


Take inspiration from past covers on Be creative, original, and bold. You can submit as many variations or designs as you’d like. The ASUN logo must be on the cover (either the front or the back).


Don’t use the current NSURJ logo.

How The Winners Will Be Chosen:

The NSURJ senior co-editors will review all submissions after the deadline, then select the winning designs. The winning designer will be contacted by the NSURJ senior co-editors to work on any final adjustments. After adjustments have been made and the final design has been approved by the NSURJ senior co-editors, the designer will be awarded and recognized when the journal is published.


We will select up to 3 submissions and those selected will get a $100 spending allowance at the Wolf Shop.


Adobe Illustrator or PDF, along with any other relevant files.


January 21st, 2019 Send your submissions to the Senior Co-Editors: and


  1. All work submitted by me is my original work and does not illegally infringe upon any other individual or entity.
  2. Should my design win, I agree to work with the NSURJ staff to make any final adjustments to the design before receiving an award.
  3. And, should my design win, I agree to release all copyrights of the design to the Nevada State Undergraduate Research Journal for their use.
  4. If my design is not chosen, and I do not win the contest, I retain full copyrights for that design.
  5. I have fully read, understood and agreed to the aforementioned terms.
If you have any questions, please send us an email at and Good luck!