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Review Process:

The NSURJ review process is 3-fold:

Stage 1:

  1. Author submission.
  2. Senior Co-Editor review. Rejection or conditional acceptance.
  3. Associate Editor Review.

Stage 2:

  1. Author re-submission.
  2. Senior Co-Editor review.
  3. Faculty Board member notification and expert referee recommendation.
  4. Expert referee review. Referral or rejection.

Stage 3:

  1. Author re-submission.
  2. Senior Co-Editor review.
  3. Associate Editor review.
  4. Publish.

Review Timeline:

The time from manuscript submission from the author to acceptance by the Senior Co-Editors depends on a variety of factors including the volume of submissions received by the journal, the availability of referees, and the time it takes author’s to respond to referee comments and revise their manuscripts.

Referee Selection:

The NSURJ maintains a Faculty Board consisting of faculty from a wide range of departments at Nevada institutions. The Faculty Board members receive manuscript submissions relating to their area of expertise and recommend expert referees to the Senior Co-Editors.

Rejection without Review:

The Senior Co-Editors reserve the right to reject manuscripts without expert peer review if they judge the manuscript to be unsuitable for the journal.