Articles from Volume 5


Journals from Volume 5

The Heroic Rapist in Context: Rape Culture Examined Through Western Classics

By: Nicole Ross

Cosmopolitanism vs. Statism: Issues with Modern Ethical Distribution Models and their Impact on Interplanetary Relations

By: Brandon Kyle Canty

Great Basin Native Forb Responses to Competition with Cheatgrass and Elevated Soil Nutrients

By: Marenna Disbro, Dr. Elizabeth Leger, and Dr. Sarah Barga

Exoplanet Detection via Transit Photometry with the Great Basin Observatory

By: Guglielmo Panelli

Sorption Enhanced Methanation: A Study on Reactor Configuration and Sorption Effects on the Sabatier Process

By: Richard Mannschreck, Esther Acha, and Ion Agirre

Articles from Volume 4

Journals from Volume 4

Does Having Children Make Cents? An Economic Analysis of the Gender Wage Gap in Nevada

By: Jeffrey Wheble and Dr. Djeto Assané

Attachment Styles of Predictors of Relationship Satisfaction Within Adulthood

By: Oceana Hill and Haley Orthel-Clark

Ascending versus Descending Timers: Stress and Motivation

By: Arno Ruuymaekers and Dr. Christina M. Frederick

Articles from Volume 3


Journals from Volume 3

Changes in the Coefficients of Zipf’s Law for English Corpora of Different Contexts

By: Robert Arnold and Deena Schmidt

Evaluating Habitat Restoration Efforts for the Bi-State Sage Grouse

By: Rosemary Frederick

Analysis of Film Revenues: Saturated and Limited Films

By: Megan Gold

An Economic Model of the Contemporary Oil Market: OPEC and the New Competitive Fringe

By: T.J. Wenzel and Tony Samuel Foresta

Impact of a Documentary on Adolescents’ Motivation toward Drugged Driving

By: Jinan Barghouti, Shane R. Jones, Joell M. Jex, Shelly Tang, Jennifer N. Churton, and Bridget A. Walsh, Ph.D

Vowel Quality and Sound Context of Vocal Fry

By: Shelby Sands and Amber Lubera

Articles from Volume 2


Journals from Volume 2

Modeling and Simulation of Transition Probabilities

By: Dante J. Marcozzi

Teaching an Old Field New Tricks: Chinese Eugenics

By: Naomi E. Moran

Comparing the Origins and Developments of Indian and Israeli Nationalist Movements

By: Daniel H. Waqar

A Study of All-Girl High School Media Activities Towards Males

By: Hannah J. Vice

Articles from Volume 1



Journals from Volume 1

Allelopathic Characteristics of Artemisia tridentata and Purshia tridentata and Implications for Invasive Species Management

By: Kevin A. Salls, Kim K. S. Bannister

Development and Characterization of a Magneto-Optical Trap for Rubidium

By: John M. Robinson, Yu Liu, David P. Shelton

Synthesis and Characterization of 4-(Trifluoromethyl)-dibenzamidebenzoguanamine and Crystallographic Characterization of a p-Trifluorobenzoic Acid Complex of Terbium(III)

By: Mark D. Walton, Ana de Bettencourt-Dias

Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Immigrants and Their Descendants in Argentine Audiovisual Popular Culture

By: Christopher A. A. Gomez, Darrell B. Lockhart