The NSURJ Review Process

How does a paper become an article?

After submitting, the senior co-editors review a submitted paper to determine if it is appropriate for the journal. If it doesn’t fall within the scope of the journal, the paper will be rejected. If it is appropriate, the paper becomes a manuscript and is passed to the junior editor, who will direct the peer review process.

The junior editor, with the assistance of the senior editors, will elect two referees who will have up to 4 weeks to review it. In the following 4-6 weeks the junior editor will compile the three reviews (two referees and one junior editor) and will work closely with the author to make changes.

Most manuscripts will need some revisions, minor or major, to be accepted. Once the necessary revisions have been made, the manuscript will either be accepted (if minor revisions necessary) or reconsidered (if major revisions necessary). Revisions do not guarantee a publication.

The junior editor will then create a report, complete with status suggestion (accept, minor revisions, major revisions, reject) to send to the senior co-editors for the final decision. If accepted, the manuscript becomes an article in the journal and the author will be published!

Click on the image below to see how it all works.
Submission Process Bizagi_2