UNR Branch of NSURJ Completes Training

On Saturday, August 23rd, NSURJ’s branch at the University of Nevada-Reno completed junior editor training. Senior co-editors met with junior editors to review submissions, editing, referees, and publications.

The Director of Student Engagement, Sandra Rodriquez, and Assistant Director, James Beattie, provided an overview of the importance of research and NSURJ’s role in the years to come for Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) institutions. When asked about the history of NSURJ’s foundation, junior editor, Jamie Chambers, said “I was inspired to learn about the considerable amount of time and effort our student government had contributed to give NSURJ its beginning”.

Senior co-editors hope that NSURJ will expand its two branches at the University of Nevada-Reno and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. They also hope to increase their outreach to other colleges throughout Nevada. We want all undergraduates to learn and to take advantage of what this journal has to offer. Working with NSHE institutions will not only provide diversity and creativity between branches, but also teamwork between the state’s two largest universities.

NSURJ is expecting to publish their first issue this fall. Since the journal is interdisciplinary, various fields and majors are expected to represent undergraduate research in the state of Nevada.